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Missing Person Investigations

"We specialize in locating missing persons..."

We specialize in locating missing persons who have fallen victim to foul play, mental illness, emotional distress or substance abuse in Southern California. The California Department of Justice reports over 35,000 missing persons cases per year. Rarely does law enforcement have the inclination or manpower to seriously pursue these types of cases. We offer immediate action on your matter and have developed proven strategies to find the missing that yield a very high rate of success.


"We specialize in locating debtors.."

We specialize in locating debtors looking to evade their financial obligations. Our clients are typically banks or other financial insititutions or their attorneys and involve the recovery of substantial assets, like automobiles. They most frequently turn to us after their own in-house efforts have failed to produce results.



"We specialize in locating parties to legal actions..."

We specialize in locating parties to legal actions who may or may not be cooperative. Usually this entails locating witnesses and defendants for law firms; and heirs for probate matters . Most commonly, we are called upon after an in-house investigation and attorney services have failed to get results.



Please note: We do not locate "lost loves;" former classmates, friends or spouses; or adoptive parents or children.


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