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Lifestyle Investigations

"Lifestyle Investigations are highly discreet checks..."

It's an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes people we care about become estranged. Lifestyle Investigations are highly discreet checks on the mode of living, activities, and acquaintances of a family member or other person. The purpose is to discreetly gather facts about this person through surveillance. We covertly and legally gather photos and video of the person and their activities. Sometimes, we also conduct background investigation to determine legal or financial problems.


"...possible at-risk behavior..."

The most common reason we are hired for this type of matter is because of concerns over possible at-risk behavior like drugs, alcohol and association with dangerous, criminal or abusive persons. Concerns over the mental health of distant family members can be another reason. Another is simply wanting to know the truth about a person who is far away.



"It is invisible to the person..."

Although some people might feel awkward about hiring an investigator to conduct this type of investigation, in fact it is invisible to the person being checked on and the confidential information provided to our client typically provides either peace of mind or solid facts to guide them going forward.



If you feel this type of investigation might be helpful to a problem you have, feel free to call and discuss your situation and an estimated cost of the investigation.


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