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"...more than a series of computer searches...""

A true background check is more than a series of computer searches stapled together. It is the work product of a skilled investigator who is highly knowledgable in securing information from government records, interviews with people, and online sources like social networking sites. It can sometimes also involve surveillance to see specifically where the person goes and who they associate with and what they do. The background checks are always secret unless authorized otherwise by our client. Typical reasons that we're engaged to do background checks is in anticipation of litigation and to check out a proposed spouse or business partner. Of course, there are many, many other reasons why someone hires us to obtain information about a person or business.

"... over half of all criminal record sources are NOT available online..."

Criminal background checks are a specialized form of background investigation. You might be wondering, what's the difference between a criminal background check done at an online website like Intelius and one done by an experienced private investigator. There's three main differences. The first is, online criminal record websites are limited to those jurisdictions that have their information online. In fact, over half of all criminal record sources are NOT available online and must be hand searched. The second reason is, while these criminal record websites may sometimes be successful in identifying cases, more often than not they are based on a name match. When a person has a common or semi-common name, there can be a huge volume of possible cases. It's the job of the trained investigator to not report on possible cases, but actual cases. Finally, an in-depth criminal background check not only provides information on the charges, but also details on the crime. Where did it happen? What were the circusmtances? What was the punishment? Online websites simply don't offer this level of detail.


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